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Lyrics Tablo (Feat. Taeyang) – Eyes, Nose, Lips (Cover)

You left me paralyzed
너는  마비시키고 떠났어

No cure, no rehab for me
치유도치료도 나에겐 없어

Funny that you got the nerve
 우스워  뻔뻔하게도

To keep askin’ me how I’ve been
내가 어떻게 지냈는지 물어보네

You’re the victor in this pageantry
 구경거리의 승자는 너야

But the only trophy you deserve…
하지만 너에게 마땅한 트로피는..


I’d rather we be dead to each other
차라리 서로가 죽은  살아갔으면 

No eulogies said for each other
서로를 위한 애도 따윈 필요 없게

No ‘rest in peace’s’
편히 잠들기를’ 따위의 인사도 없게

The memory’s got my chest in pieces
하지만 추억이  가슴을 조각으로 만드네

I’m prayin’ that your eyes are the first to go
  눈이 제일 먼저 잊히길 기도하지

The way they looked when you smiled
웃을  너의  모양까지

The way they opened and closed
떴다 감기는  눈의 모습도

Then your nose

Every single breath against my neck
목덜미에 부딪히는 모든 숨결과

And then your lips
그다음엔 너의 입술

Every empty promise made and said
읊조렸던 공허한 약속까지도

Please fade
제발 사라져

Fade to black
어둠 속으로

Please fade
제발 사라져

Fade to black
어둠 속으로

But the nightmares come back
하지만 악몽은 계속 돌아와

[Hook] (x2)
Because your eyes, nose, lips

Every look and every breath, every kiss
모든 표정과 숨결키스 하나하나가

Still got me dyin’
아직도  죽여

You still got me cryin’
 아직도  울려

Forget a promenade
산책은 집어치우고

Let’s juggernaut down memory lane
추억의 뒤안길을 허물어버리자

Leave no thought alive
기억 하나라도 살려두지 않고

To the slaughterhouse I’m takin’ my pain..
 고통은 모두 도살장으로..

It’s time to sever my brain from my heart and soul
 가슴과 영혼으로부터 뇌를 절단할 때가 왔어

My knees are burnin’ hot, but God is cold
무릎은 타오르는데 신은 차가워

I’ve been told, one day you’ll know
누군가 나에게 말했지언젠가 알게  거라고

Too much of heaven’s a sin
너무 천국에 오래 있는 것도 죄라고

After the show, it’s only hell that it brings
쇼가 끝나면 돌아오는  오직 지옥뿐이야

So take it slow and let time heal everything
그러니 천천히 시간이 모든  치유하게 

They say that time flies
사람들이 말하길 시간은 날아간다는데

But you keep breaking its wings
 자꾸 시간의 날개를 꺾네

You’ll never fade
 절대 사라지지 않아

Fade to black
어둠 속으로

Please fade
제발 사라져

Fade to black
어둠 속으로

But the nightmares come back
하지만 악몽은 계속 돌아와

[Hook] (x2)

You wish me well
너는 내가  지내길 빌어

You wish me well
너는 내가  지내길 빌어

I wish you hell
나는 네가 지옥을 느끼길 빌어

I never wanna look into your eyes again
다시는 너의 눈을 바라보고 싶지 않아

No, I never wanna hear you breathe again
그래  숨소리도 다시는 듣고 싶지 않아

Let me go

Let me go

Baby, tell me this is the end
그대이게 끝이라고 말해줘

[Hook: Tablo & Taeyang] (x2)

Fade out
Fade out


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